Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HighSci recently removed the list of the CSSE conference organizing committee

However, we don't want to hide this information:

Organizing Committee

General Chairs
H. B. Zhou (Chair), Wuhan University, China
P. Shen (Co-Chair), University of California, Irvine, USA
Technical Program Committee
M. Zheng (Chair), University of Wisconsin, USA
P. Bailes, University of Queensland, Australia
A. Spence, University of Bath, UK
Y. X. He, Wuhan University, China
H. Garis, Wuhan University, China
K. Q. He, Wuhan University, China
L. Chen, University of District of Columbia, USA
IEEE Key Staff
Thomas Baldwin, IEEE Computer Society, Meetings & Conferences
Stephanie Kawada, IEEE Computer Society, Conference Publishing Services
Momoko Vanna, IEEE Computer Society, Conference and Events Services
Lynne Harris, IEEE Computer Society, Event Management Services
Carmen Saliba, IEEE Computer Society, Conference Event Services
Local Organizing Committee
Kong Ruoshan (Chair), Wuhan University
Gao Ren, Wuhan University, China
Peng Xi, Wuhan University, China

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